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Serving families in Utah since 2003

The Law Office of Mel A. Cook represents individuals throughout Utah in many important matters, including family law, disability claims and personal injury. I live in Utah, I went to school in Utah, and I know how important these matters are to Utah families. You will never doubt that I am giving you my best effort every time I prepare paperwork or walk into a courtroom on your behalf.

What makes me different from other divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City, UT

More than likely, you found this site because you have questions about family law or another of my practice areas. I built this website so I could answer your questions and let you get to know me better. As your lawyer, I offer the following:

  • Personal attention to your case — Many firms assign your case to a lower-level associate, or even a paralegal, almost as soon as you leave the office. I do not just supervise your case. I am personally involved in every aspect of it. When you talk to someone about your case, the chances are that person will be me.
  • MBA/business school education — I worked hard to obtain my MBA. Those extra years in school taught me how to effectively resolve financial issues that other lawyers may not even notice in the first place.
  • More than a decade of experience — I know the law and how to make the law work for you, but I am also friendly and accessible so I can connect with you and your family.
  • Knowledge of multilevel divorce issues — Divorce involves so much more than a wife and husband and maybe a child or two. It also involves complex personal and financial relationships that extend well beyond the couple and the numbers on their income tax return. There is a bigger picture, and I never lose sight of that bigger picture.

What I do

I offer a wide variety of legal services at the Law Office of Mel A. Cook, including:

  • Family law Family law is an umbrella term encompassing many reasons why a family might need to go to court. A family lawsuit often starts with a divorce petition, paternity action or dispute between two unmarried parents regarding child custody, child support and other issues.
  • Divorce If the marriage breaks down, divorce or separation may be the best option, albeit a painful one. I can ease some of the emotional and financial burden by creating an equitable, manageable parenting plan and property division agreement.
  • Disability If you are injured or disabled, and that condition keeps you from living a normal life, you may be entitled to Social Security or workers’ compensation benefits. I can help you obtain fair compensation in a system that is often stacked against injury victims.

Contact a Disability Attorney in Utah for solid representation

At the Law Office of Mel A. Cook, I understand that the first step toward a successful professional relationship is to listen to and acknowledge your needs. Call 801.746.5075 or contact me online to schedule your free consultation with a Salt Lake City Family Lawyer. Hablo Español.